Hotels in San Jose – where high tech happens

San Jose is conveniently located in Silicon Valley. This means that there are a lot of conventions and a lot of tech meetings from the nerds in town. If you are one of those nerds, or just here that you pretend to like star trek, you will read this. We map many of the nearby hotels, their prices, and what to look for. I will not mention Holiday Inns or the double trees. These are conference hotels where the meetings will be, and the people to see, the best and most fancy. When it comes to finding a good place for attendees to live, this is the article to read. San Jose's hospitality makes this an easy task in a city that would make anyone feel at home.

Wyndham Hotel

The beautiful Wyndham Hotel is only 1 mile from San Jose Airport. The entire hotel was renovated in 2005. They have 4 large meeting rooms where the California Ballroom is pretty massive. It is 5 km from the conference center and has plenty of rooms to accommodate a large number of people (335/5).

Clarion Hotel

Clarion doesn't have to try hard to get a resort feeling out of you. Like Wyndham, it is only a mile from the airport. The reason we have listed this hotel is the ballroom. The 2,500-square-foot ballroom opens to a beautiful covered patio with an espalé and views next to tropical gardens and a greenery. Sounds like a good place to take the partners? Yes it is.

Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza is different from the other hotels in that it is the center. The others are too, but Crowne is directly across the street from the convention center. The hotel brings a funky flare to the luxurious rooms with bright colors and groovy furniture. Where Crowne is lacking in their meeting rooms, they make up for the facilities. The meeting room seats about 600, which is significantly lower than the previous two hotels. Cool rooms, bar and atmosphere make Crowne great.

Dolce Hayes Mansion

Hayes Mansion may have a funny name, but this is where productive business meets high-tech. Dolce is also the preferred venue for Fortune 500 executives and CEOs. The 2600 square foot ballroom is exquisitely located extra meeting rooms, giving attendees the most space out of any listed hotel. When it comes to luxury and space, this hotel wins hands down. We would have mentioned it first, but the price may be off the radar for some of the Silicones.

Saint Clair, and Larkspur

Just the name is enough to make you buy. The purposeful flashy architecture and design make this hotel a masterpiece. Many people like Sainte Clair because of the usable space and proximity to the conference center and the airport. Sainte Clair is possibly most famous for his restaurant. Il Fornaio Cucina Italiana is known throughout San Jose for having amazing Italian food. If you like Italian food as much as I do, this is the place to be.

Smart solutions for the best airport parking in San Jose

San Jose Mineta International Airport offers parking facilities for passengers. They have both short and long term parking facilities. There is a separate parking area for the disabled. But if you are unable to park your vehicle in any of these, do not panic. There are other places close to the airport where you can park your car.

The DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose offers valet parking for passengers arriving at Mineta Airport. The hotel does not charge any extra parking fees. They have a daily rate set for this purpose and the tax rate is 8%. They also offer free shuttle service that is fast. However, you will need to bring a printout from the booking documents and show it to the valet parking attendants.

In the event that you are unable to confirm reservations, you will be charged a nominal fee. The best part is that this is a valet parking and therefore you do not have to waste time parking your car. The assistant will do it. Shuttle service is available from 4.30 to midnight.

Fast Airport Parking is an independent parking service off the airport. However, getting somewhere over here depends on how quickly you can reach the place. EZ Park and Fly is another self-service car park located outside Mineta Airport. In fact, they offer indoor and outdoor services at a 15% discount. Valet parking is also available at a discounted rate.

Park and Jet Parking is a self-service car park located 5 minutes from Mineta Airport. They also offer pick and drop service and can accommodate 300 vehicles. The fees for this service are an extra $ 15 if you want your car dropped back when you take a plane somewhere.