Stretch your budget at the New Solanie Hotel Manila

[ad_1] For a budgeted holiday or business trip, experience the class and quality of one of the cheapest budget hotels in Manila-the New Solanie Hotel Manila . Located in the heart of Manila's entertainment district, Malate, this three-star hotel stretches your tight budget and allows you to experience the best of Manila with the least […]

Miss Universe Pageant

[ad_1] 1952: Long Beach, California. Miss Finland was the first Miss Universe. Miss Hawaii was the first Runner-Up. 1953: Long Beach, California. Christiane Martell became the first Miss France to win the Miss Universe title. 1954: Miriam Stevenson became the first American to win the Miss Universe Pageant. 1955: Long Beach, California. Miss Sweden was […]

Flights to Panama

[ad_1] Panama is located between North America and South America and can really be called the land bridge between the two. To the west lies the North Pacific and to the east lies the Caribbean Sea. This makes Panama especially special as you can enjoy the beaches and marine life on both sides. The country […]

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

[ad_1] I. McDonnell-Douglas MD-11, calculated successor to its former DC-10 and third widebody tri-jet after the DC-10 itself and Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, traces its origins to the General Electric and Pratt and Whitney engine competition to provide an appropriate power plant for Lockheed C-5A Galaxy military transport, resulting in the first high bypass ratio turbofan, […]

Does your doctor make house calls outside the country?

[ad_1] Doctors accompany their clientele to vacation homes and luxe spa recovery centers. Standards and accreditation are an international endeavor. The rich and famous have for years taken discreet trips out of the country to take part in nip / tuck operations, rehabilitation and other medical endeavors. Now, the average American can enjoy an international […]

Beauty and The Snitch

[ad_1] Always suspicious of being seen for my own protection, I often wonder how everyday life in a police state can be. Certainly, we can gather nuggets of insight about a visit to an airport or courthouse or enjoy a depressing citizen education from the Key West Building Department. But I'm talking about the details […]