Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines was the third and last low cost airline to enter the South African market. Like all the other airlines in the country, it has its headquarters in Johannesburg International Airport (OR Tambo). The first airline to launch in SA with the budget structure was Kulula, and it was very successful in quickly taking market shares away from SAA. So the SAA decided to strike back and launch their own low-cost carrier. Originally, it had the awful name of TULCA (the ultimate low cost carrier), but was later named Mango Airlines.

It has been reported that Mango carriers owned by SAA, and thus get taxable money, create an unfair advantage to them as they can undercut their prices more than the other low cost carriers. The other low-cost carriers, namely Kulula and 1Time, have reported Mango (and by the SAA association) for this, but nothing has been done. Mango airlines fly to and from: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein. This is not as comprehensive as the other airlines. However, one thing they may have thought about was registering the domain name, as this is owned by the South Africa Mango Growers Association. The domain name they now have is, which is not only confusing to people but also does not have – which is the South African country ltd.

Although there is this bad press about Mango airways, and their association with SAA. Unlike their parent company, they have actually made a profit and it is said that they are now run as a fully autonomous company. All this means that South Africans have more choices in the market and that keeps the other airlines on their toes to ensure that prices remain competitive.

San Jose Costa Rica – 3 choices San Jose Costa Rica Hotels

No wonder Costa Rica's tourism industry is growing – Costa Rica is one of the most exciting destinations in the world.

  • You can just relax and unwind on the beach or practice a variety of adventurous sports – like white water rafting.
  • A good base for your trip to Costa Rica would be one of San Jose Costa Rica hotels. Hotel standards are very high and they are all fairly centrally located.

    From the hotel you can explore Costa Rica culture or go to one of Costa Rica's tourist attractions.

  • You can go on bike rides, go horseback riding, visit a butterfly farm (of all things), go to a bird park or visit the local coffee plantation.
  • If you want to expand your horizons, you can take an excursion into the rainforest or take an organized trip to the volcano.
  • You can visit two unique Costa Rica tourist attractions, which are museums in the San Jose Costa Rica – Jade Museum and Gold Museum.
  • San Jose Costa Rica accommodation

  • Hotel Grano de Oro
  • If you would like to stay in an old mansion, Hotel Grano de Oro is one of your most elegant options. Each of the 32 rooms, be it Standard, Superior or Deluxe, has a bathtub and beautifully crafted wooden furniture.

    If you are traveling with the family there is also a two bedroom Family Suite as well as a lovely Garden Suite, complete with a Jacuzzi and a private garden.

    The ultimate and most in demand of the suites is Vista de Oro, which boasts tiled walls, antique furniture and wood paneling.

    Whatever room or suite you are staying in, you can enjoy satellite TV, room service and the rooftop hot tubs.

    Hotel Grano de Oro is one of the most sought after of all San Jose Costa Rica accommodations.

  • Hotel Fleur de Lys
  • Hotel Fleur de Lys, a renovated Victorian house, boasts 31 individually decorated rooms. You'll find this fine example of a San Jose Costa Rica hotel in the cultural district.

    Guests can enjoy a complimentary tropical breakfast and dine at its restaurant which has a reputation for fine dining.

    The rooms, each with wooden furniture and large beds, are decorated with pastel colors. They are grouped as a single, double, junior suite, master suite or master superior suite.

    On Friday night as well as Tuesday night there is a happy hour at the bar.

  • Irazu Hotel and Casino
  • Best Western hotel chain Irazu Hotel and Casino is another good choice of San Jose Costa Rica hotels. It is conveniently located and is relatively close to both the city center and the international airport.

    This example of San Jose Costa Rica accommodation caters to business visitors and has a free airport shuttle as well as meeting facilities. There is a 24-hour restaurant and a choice of continental, regular or fruit breakfast.

    Rooms feature free internet access, cable TV, a bathtub and a safe.

    In addition to its Concorde Casino, La Cantina Bar features an outdoor pool, tennis courts and gardens.

    The friendly staff at Irazu Hotel and Casino offer room service and help you organize your trips and activities.

    What is your airline doing to recover your lost luggage?

    The last time I saw the white corrugated cardboard box with the fragile stickers affixed to it was at US Airways check-in counter in Mexico City. My wife and I had just arrived from Acapulco with Mexicana Airways and had changed our carrier to US Airways to end our trip to Seattle via Phoenix. Once we landed in Phoenix, we were once again instructed to retrieve our checked-in luggage from the carousel. To our dismay, however, there was no sign of the duty-free white box. The friendly woman from the airport security mentioned that there is an occasional delay as baggage is checked before it is allowed to load on the next flight. She assured us that our box should be on our flight to Seattle.

    When our flight arrived in Seattle, we waited as the last piece of luggage was unloaded around the carousel. TSA's official informed us it was the last piece of luggage from our plane. Unfortunately, our white cardboard box had not arrived. The Lord approached us at the U.S. Airways Luggage Claims office, which was surprisingly and conveniently right there next to the carousel. My wife and I informed the representative of our lost box and we filled out a form.

    Upon arriving home, we received a phone call each day for the first week from the Central Baggage Office in Phoenix, Arizona, and kept us informed of the progress of their tracking efforts to find our lost box. We were invited to fill out the damaged or lost form we had received in Seattle and send it to them.

    Ten days after the form was sent, I called the Phoenix Central Baggage Office and spoke with a baggage specialist there. They still had not received the form, but called the next day to confirm that they had received it. There was still no news about our lost box, but the trail for it was still active.

    At that time, Mike Adams, the luggage specialist, had worked at US Airways for over a year, and his job involved calling customers about their lost or damaged baggage claims, coding and determining fault coding requirements. He had recently completed training for a secondary tracking program. I wanted to get some answers about the steps they are taking to find a lost piece of luggage.

    "After the claim is filed," Adams said, "we use the World Tracer System (used by over 300 member companies) to look for the bag with name, address, bag type and content to see if there are any matches at hand. If there is a match and the bag sits at the terminal, two people open the bag and enter the contents of the bag into the system.All unclaimed luggage is kept for five days and then shipped to Charlotte, North Carolina. property is updated if there is a match. If the piece of luggage is not there, a secondary track is performed to check with other airlines and connections to see if the lost piece was sent elsewhere.

    How long will they continue to look for a lost piece of luggage? Mike says at least four weeks unless they play catch-up due to storms, and then it takes longer.

    Do luggage dealers or other employees steal luggage or boxes? "Yes," Adams admits. "There is some theft in the industry. The theft is usually by members of the Transportation Security Administration." As a result, the airlines will set embroidery operations to find the culprit (s) guilty and solve the problem. Adams revealed that in our case, the white cardboard shipping box was a red flag. Thieves are particularly focused on these topics. "To solve this problem in the future," Mike advised, "and remove the temptation, just buy a cheap suitcase and put the alcohol in." It was simple and sound advice that would have saved us a lot of headaches.

    If the field is not found, how is the claim settled? Mike said that a letter with a check in the amount of our lost alcohol would probably be sent to us. He was half right. We got the letter from US Airways, but instead of a check, we received two $ 50.00 travel vouchers that were valid for one year from the date of issue.

    From every experience, whether good or bad, there is something to learn. First, my wife and I have decided that we will only buy items that we can safely pack in our suitcases. Second, we will mark our bags with unique identification, such as colored stripes, tape or labels that stand out from the myriad of look suitcases. Third, we will place our names and addresses somewhere on the inside of the trunk or bag to manufacture luggage specialists such as Mike Adams & # 39; jobs much easier by reuniting lost luggage with their owners.

    Following these three steps may not guarantee that you reunite with your carousel bags, but they will certainly improve the odds. Good to travel!

    Complaints about passengers and possible solutions

    If you're a frequent traveler (heck even occasionally), chances are you've heard about all kinds of airline passengers' complaints here and there. The airport is one of the best places to hear passengers wait on airline questions. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right airline to fly with! You have opportunities you know (well, sometimes).

    Airlines are becoming more and more remote to customers' needs, and service standards are suffering amid a declining market share. It's a tough industry to be in, there's no doubt. It's just sad that service is affected as a result. This usually results in complaints about airline passengers. The amount has increased steadily over the years if you look at the statistics. Yes, there are many airline issues and many airline passengers have them. But are they actually acting on it?

    There are several types of complaints about airline passengers that the average airline receives today, some are so small and some quite serious. These travel complaints must be resolved by the airline at some point. You would at least think? Otherwise, how should these companies regain the trust of their passengers? Do they even care? These are all questions for a whole new discussion.

    In practical terms, many of these complaints to airlines are about lost or damaged bags, difficulties in booking and ticketing, discrimination or accidents during your trip, airline complaints, reasonable compensation, cancellation of flights due to some airline issues, accidental accidents, not to achieve proper compensation, difficulties with pets, failure to comply with requests and not getting the right mileage for the flight. There is a wide range. Where do you fall?

    In order for the airline to be aware of your complaints about airline passengers, you must send a well-articulated and detailed complaint letter with solid facts that warrant attention and action. This airline complaint letter should contain all your concerns and suggestions. Therefore, create a letter that has good insight.

    Consider the following factors:

    o Go over your concern – why you are complaining
    o Think about the specific circumstance that had caused you the trouble, such as the people and the department
    o Suggest some solutions – what do you expect from the airline o Include all details – be very specific (for example, not the name of the representative you spoke to, their ID number, time and date you spoke, the subject of discussion case, etc.)

    The good thing about this approach is that if the carriers ignore you or do not compensate you fairly, you can take the same material that you have already prepared and file a formal complaint against carriers in court for small claims. The Sue the Airline guide is a detailed, practical guide to help you do just that without hiring expensive lawyers. If you have twenty dollars left over, consider your resolved issues, whether asking for $ 10 or $ 10,000.

    Requirements to be cabin crew

    Cabin crew members are historically known as air defense / host, flight attendant or stewardesses / stewards.

    To act as cabin crew on a South African registered aircraft, you require a cabin crew & # 39; s license issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). A rigorous training program is completed before being eligible to write the SACAA licensing study. Once you have completed all practical and theoretical training modules, you will receive your cabin crew & # 39; s license.

    Airlines have different requirements for their cabin crew, but the basic requirements remain the same. These include:

    • Medically Suitable – A Class 2 medical certificate performed by an Aviation Medical Examination (AME) is required before applying for a cabin crew & # 39; s license. These medical controls include: heart, lungs, eyes, ears, etc.
    • The altitude requirements of the airlines vary depending on the type of aircraft they operate. The altitude requirements are based on being able to access all emergency equipment on the aircraft. Some operators refer to this as a "range test".
    • The height must be proportionate to the weight. You need to be in good physical shape as the long hours can take its toll on you and you need the strength required to perform certain tasks such as opening the flight doors etc.
    • Most of the airlines require a minimum training of a Class 12 Certificate / NQF Level 4 Certificate.
    • Minimum age of 18 years.
    • Proficiency in English. As English is the internationally recognized aviation language, you must be proficient in English. Multilingual cabin crew members are also often in demand.
    • No criminal record. When conducting international flights, many countries will not allow you access to their territory if you have a criminal record.
    • Etiquette and manners – When conducting interviews with operators, you must show basic courtesy. A prerequisite for being an effective and successful flight attendant is your ability to demonstrate an understanding of customer service and this will certainly be to your advantage.

    The above requirements are the most widespread requirements of aviation operators.

    Taste of Dubai culture

    The vibrant and vibrant nightlife attracts singers and entertainers from all over the world. Popular dance groups from Europe and America routinely cover the Dubai circuit, as do ballet companies and theater groups. Cultural performances, plays, singing and dance performances open to packed houses this weekend, making the city a magnet for cultural buffers.

    Dubai, offering the best of food and entertainment, watering holes are almost the second home for party animals who love to enjoy the lively atmosphere of these livers. On your next vacation to Dubai, visit the African Star Club, a place where you can rock to the beat of African drums and enjoy delicious Ethiopian food. For more excitement, head to the Mayfair Hotel where you can find the Sundowner, a great place to relax, unwind and play video games. You can even try your hand at the pool or test your voice on the karaoke machine. Go to the Garage Club and disco if you want to jive and rock to the beats of some exciting music.

    Golf enthusiasts should take a trip to the 19th hole at Hyatt Regency Golf Park, which has a bar dedicated exclusively to patrons of this classic sport. If you really want to explore Dubai's cultural landscape, you should visit a few of its museums. Take a trip to the Heritage and Diving village, which not only hosts a craft fair, but also offers fascinating glimpses into the city's medieval past. Visit the Sharjah Islamic Museum, which offers interesting insights into Islamic ideology, where you get a holistic view of Islam as a religion misunderstood by many.

    To understand modern Dubai history, check out HH Sheikh Saeed House, which served as the seat of government in the 20th century. Before ending your Dubai vacation, visit Narish Khyam, a museum that offers visitors a glimpse of Dubai's unique boat culture. It is not easy to get an in-depth understanding of Dubai's cultural landscape on a journey. You have to visit this emirate again and again to understand the finer details of its unique Bedouin culture.

    Air India Express

    Air India Express is the first international airline in India to offer efficient service and good value for money. Their mission is to provide easy connection on short routes at the most affordable prices and offer maximum customer satisfaction. Their fleet includes the latest 24 B737-800 aircraft with a capacity of 180 passengers. Each Air-India Express aircraft has a different tail design in accordance with Indian culture, history and tradition.

    Started in 2004 and is a low cost subsidiary of Air India based in Mumbai. Air India Express operates mainly to the Middle East and South Asia. It is also part of the National Aviation Company of India Limited. The airline boasts a fast and efficient service with polite and courteous staff. Their land services are impeccable. They provide all the on-board services needed for a comfortable flight and offer free standard meals with on-board entertainment facilities.

    India Air Express is currently planning expansion to Europe and America with the arrival of new aircraft. They have made huge profits on most routes. Many airlines are following their footsteps as Air Arabia and Jaseera Airways have entered the market of India – Persian Gulf and many others like Jetlite can enter.

    Indian Airlines flights are safe and comfortable. If you want to book tickets, their site helps you book tickets online. By entering important information you can easily book your tickets online in a jippy. It's just a click of a mouse away. This saves a lot of trouble and money with agents and middlemen. Without paying extra you can book tickets on your own without any help. Although fares are low, there is no compromise on in-flight services. They provide the best amenities such as comfortable seats, tasty meals and good entertainment. Air India Express also offers attractive discounts and cheap flight prices if you book from their site.

    Travel Page – the best place to book cheap international tickets

    Many travelers around the world are wondering how to get cheap air travel deals and visit the most popular destinations in the world. Airlines sometimes offer discounts, but it becomes difficult to know when such offers should be used. At this critical time, the only solution you can think of is the travel sites. Airlines have teamed up with travel sites to fill all seats in one flight. If you also love to travel and for cheap flights, rely on the services of these travel sites.

    The travel sites also face stiff competition and always try to lure travelers to their sites with a cheap air ticket deal. They try to make the site as informative and user-friendly as possible. You can collect all travel related information and book tickets online. These sites offer cheap airfare to all international tourist destinations. If you want to use these services, you either have to register on that site or you can also book cheap international tickets as a guest user. However, becoming a registered user will make it easier with more privileges and additional benefits.

    With so many travel service companies showing up in internet search results, it is quite obvious that you may be confused as to which site will benefit you. To find out, research and read reviews & travelers & # 39; experiences shared on these sites. Once you've learned what types of cheap air travel deals these sites offer, you can choose which deal suits you best.

    All these deals are concentrated on cheap flights and cheap flight deals. Sometimes you can get cheap international tickets if you book a return trip and there are many other such tips that you can learn as you follow the pages. The travel sites try to make it a simple solution for travelers. The sites are developed with advanced technology, and the user-friendly search options help users find the available flights to the desired destination.

    The unique search options on such sites provide instant results of flights to the desired destination. Prices are also associated with these flights. You get an opportunity to compare the prices of these flights and book cheap international tickets. You can subscribe to newsletters with a great travel site for updates on cheap flights and other latest offers.

    It takes some practice to follow these pages and find out cheap flights for your trip. Therefore, it is advisable to research a lot on the Internet and find out cheap international deals on these travel sites. If you are planning a trip to one of the popular places in the world, start looking for a good destination well in advance.

    How To Get Cheap Flight Deals That Blow Your Mind!

    If you are interested in how to get cheap flight deals, you have come to the right place. Flights are something that is often expensive and, as a result, prevents people from going to the places they really want to travel. Many of the major travel agencies want you to believe that they have the lowest prices, but in reality, these sites may not give you the prices you can get on your own if you know the methods to do so. Here I will give you a few tips to get the prices on the bottom of airline tickets.

    One thing you can do to get great deals on air travel is to take the flight times that most people do not want. By doing this, you are giving yourself the chance to talk to the airlines about reducing the prices of your ticket. They are often often willing to negotiate because it is still better to get you on a flight at a much reduced rate than those who do not make any money at all.

    In addition to this, another good tip for how to get cheap airline deals is to contact the airlines about the daily or weekly specials they run. Often the airlines run specials that they don't even advertise, and spend a little out of the box thinking that you can get these deals. The key is to call around midnight because this is where the deals are updated first at the airlines.

    While these tips are great, I have a method that I have used time and time again to get great deals on air travel. The real key is knowing someone in the industry as this can save you hundreds of dollars on every plane ticket you buy. This is what I did and I know it will work for you.

    Are you traveling in India? Great meeting and assistant service by Spice Jet Airlines

    When something goes wrong, we complain all over the world. When something goes better than we expected, credit may not always go where it should. I am writing this blog post / article / review to give it the credit where it is due.

    My parents, both of whom are in their late 60s, flew to Bangalore in April to meet relatives there. All of us were booked on an early morning SpiceJet flight. I usually make my trips with them as I feel uncomfortable with those traveling alone. But as it happened, an important & non-avoidable business trip came up during the same period and I had to cancel my ticket.

    Concerned, I called the airline and found that they have a "Meet & Assist" service. The service was free, so I didn't have too many expectations for it, nevertheless I chose to use it as it would give me some peace of mind.

    On the day of departure, I drove my parents down to the airport in doubt about how they & # 39; You'll do without me around, or even if this "Meet and help" thing would work well.

    At least here is their account of the journey from Delhi airport to Bangalore as I spoke to them after they arrived.

    My parents were met by a ground staff at the check-in counter who helped them through all formalities and helped them check in quickly. My mother has arthritis, which makes it difficult for her to climb the stairs and such. Once this was noticed, a SpiceJet staff helped her aboard the bus and arranged space in the crowded bus.

    Inside the plane, my parents were taken to their seats and the flight crew put their hand luggage in the holder. My mom is an annoying passenger like some and not really comfortable during the first take-off and landing. However, she found both quite comfortable during the flight, which helped her relax while traveling.

    Since this was an early morning flight, I had pre-ordered breakfast for both of them. They liked the food that had a healthy variety and good taste. The same employee who had helped them with their luggage also got them free tea and cookies.

    Checking out again was a breeze as the on-site staff was there to help. They also rolled the cart for them until the starting point.

    Mom and Dad are, of course, really excited about the five-star treatment they received from the SpiceJet staff. What really makes me happy is that there is finally an airline that is sensitive to the needs of the elderly and an airline that I can let my parents fly alone.

    Definitely recommended.